Made in Europe


Our supplier in Portugal is specialized in streetwear, pants and windbreaker. Their facility is located directly at the sea near Porto


Our supplier in Romania is a allrounder. They sew from streetwear to outerwear jackets. Family owned business with more than 20 years experience


Our supplier in Latvia is specialized in outerwear. We're working with them on high tec items for the best outdoor experiences

Since the Winter 19/20 collection, we are producing all our garments in Europe. Differently to most brands, we want to keep full control and open choice for all sources. So we're buying or producing our own fabrics and supply these to our facilities. The same with accessories and zippers. This enables us to work with different suppliers but keep the same quality. Quality was one of the main reasons to change the manufacturing to 100% Made in EU. The ways less environmental pollution for the short transportation ways was also really important for us. What's the sense of advertising as an ''eco-friendly'' brand but sending tons of products from Asia to your warehouse. The brilliant working conditions and fair wages for the workers were also a big reason.